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We need your donation to send those in power in Ottawa a message. Your donation will help us to ensure that there Is a progressive-conservative voice speaking up for Canada.

Because we are a registered federal political party, donations are offset by special tax credits that make it very affordable to give. The table below shows some examples of your after-tax credit cost of making a contribution.

Contribution Amount

Tax Credit Amount

(reduced tax payable)

Out of pocket cost after tax credit

$1,100 $591.66 $508.34
$1,000 $558.33 $441.67
;$900 $525.00 $375.00
$800 $492.67 $308.33
$700 $450.00 $250.00
$600 $400.00 $200.00
$500 $350.00 $150.00
$400 $300.00 $100.00

(The political donation tax credit offsets your personal income tax payable. For contributions between $0 and $400.00, you will get back 75%. For contributions between $400.00 and $750.00, you will get back $300.00 plus 50% of the amount over $400.00. For contributions over $750.00, you will get back $475.00 plus 33 1/3% of the amount over $750.00 up to a maximum of $650.00 annually.)

You can donate by making a cheque payable to the Macdonald Cartier PC Fund or for your convenience, we provide the option of paying electronically. Our secure payment service uses the facilities of a major Canadian bank to ensure that the transaction is secure.(if you would like additional details or information contact us at info@pcparty.org.

By processing the transaction, I agree to the following: I acknowledge that information entered during the transaction process will be stored in the party database for identification purposes and uses consistent with the operations of a federal political party. (for a copy of our policies on member information contact us at info@pcparty.org.

Make a donation


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