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The Progressive Canadian Party (PC Party) is a registered federal political party comprised of progressive-conservative minded Canadians rebuilding from the roots of the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada, descendents of Canada’s oldest party.

We hold a set of values and a philosophy held by a great many Canadians. We are proud of the rich history of this Canadian progressive-conservative approach. We exist because the nation needs us, a party which shares with Canada's first prime minister, Sir John A. Macdonald, an enduring commitment to this confederation called Canada.

We provide a political home ready to welcome the millions of Canadians who have over the years voted for the former federal Progressive Conservative Party, but can find no welcome in the decidedly unprogressive Conservative Party led by Stephen Harper.

We are proud of the history, philosophy, and principles which defined Progressive Conservatives and thus our party sits atop that same bedrock. Our Progressive Canadian Party adopted a constitution based on the constitution of the former Progressive Conservative Party of Canada, and incorporated the Macdonald-Cartier PC Fund as the party’s fundraising organization.

Come and join a party that listens. A party that finds that classical Canadian balance – to embrace progressive change. A party which has the courage to find new directions and new ideas -- yet one which is responsible enough to conserve that which is good.

Join with us so we as Canadians can progress with care in the present and with vision for the future.

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